Vinyl Records and Me.....

Me and my vinyl. my vinyl records passion became my job, then, my living!

Hi I’m Cliff, and as you have probably guessed, I am a vinyl record fan.

Maybe you are wondering who I am, so I will try to a face to the who is writing these pages. And why I am writing all this. And how maybe I can  help you, the visitor.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my wife, 2 dogs and my rather large collection of vinyl records

I am, and always have been a music a lover. Probably influenced by my musical family, especially my father, a great music lover an excellent piano player.

And, he had a great collection of records, 78’s. (That’s 78 revs per minute, who can remember those?)

Dad took me to see Johhny Ray (twice) Frankie Laine, and Louis Armstrong, (twice) and I was hooked.

My first vinyl record? "In the Middle of an Island", by Tony Bennett. It was on the "Coronet" label, a CBS company, and had an octangle label.

 My first vinyl  record LP? Johnny Ray Live at the London Palladium.

So, how did this passion for vinyl records become my job?

Just lucky I guess

I answered an add in the paper for a sales rep for EMI Records.

This was to sell EMI records to all the record shops in the city of Adelaide…..a big task.

The pay was not all that good, but I thought it sure beat selling insurance, which I was doing at the time.

I got the job, because I could answer all the trick question the boss threw at me.

In store record display.

All this done with the new AC/DC  vinyl record blasting 1 foot away.

Then my own record shop......
vinyl record heaven!

Me out the front of Ripple Music, 1977

From my city clients, I had learned all the methods of running a successful record shop.

Again lucky I secured the lease to a shop on the Norwood Parade, a busy street in the leafy Adelaide suburb of Norwood.


I now had my vinyl record  passion for a living.

My knowledge of music grew.

I subscribed to New Musical Express and Melody Maker.

I knew who was playing where, in Australis or overseas.

I learned who was playing in which band, who was leaving, who was about to join.

So What does All This Mean To You Vinyl Record Lovers?

Are you someone who was luck enough to live in those times, and want to re live the magic?

Are you of the younger generation, looking to discover what it was all about?

Then this site is for you!

Or are you a senior, lived through those years, but was just to busy with job, family etc to take it all in?

Or were you an 80’s -90’s music lover, who caught a bit of good ol’ rock and roll and, and wants to delve deeper into that classic era?

Then I reckon this site is also for you!

Wondering who sang that old song about  Needles and Pins?

Or was there a song really called Smokestack Lightning?

Who was that band that wore weird masks?

Who was it  who finally knocked the Beatles from the No.1 spot

And really, surely there could not have been a hit with the name Doo Wah Diddy Diddy!!

 AND    was there really an English singer named Reg Presley?


This site is Definitely for you!

Enjoy it !

Contribute to it !

Together we will enjoy the music from the best years of music!

So, vinyl record lovers....Lets Get Started!

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