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Jimmy Buffett Dies

Yet another music influences has passed on. jimmy Buffett, who I first heard when at EMI Records in 1974, died on September 1. At EMI I had the job of selling "Living and Dying in 3/4 time, just released in February '74. "Come Monday" was the single being played on the radio, making my job easier."Pencil Thin Moustache" was a favorite of my sons, and years later was a feature song in the band we were in. But it was the next album "A1A" that relly got me. Classic "Music for Money", "Pirate Looks at Forty" are all time classics. He will be sadly missed, bu his music lives on.

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Pink Floyds First Album Release

It was way, way back. Back when I was a budding advertising executive. I always kept an eye on the UK music scene, by reading Melody Maker and New Music Express, (remember those!)

I had read about, but not heard, bands like Pink Floyd, Curved Air, The Nice etc.So when I read in our local Australian pop paper, Go-Set, (long gone) the following words, “….do you like Pink Floyd? Have you even heard of them?”….…my eyes lit up.Yes, Pink Floyds first album had just come out that week. AND it was available at the little record shop in the arcade near where I worked.Making a quick exit from work, I dashed to Bobs Records, (this shop was the size of an average pantry) and grabbed a brand new, sealed Pink Floyd Imported album. “The Piper at The gates Of Dawn” was not what I expected, it was the forerunner of experimental psychedelia, mixed with Syd Barrett unique mixture of nursery rhymes, blues and music hall.Yes, this was August 1967, and from there I went on to invest in many Pink Floyd albums. I never go to see them, but that day way back in ‘67 opened my bears to a new sound in music.

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The Kinks John Gosling Dies

John Doulton,(above on the left) the keyboard player who joined The Kinks in 1970, has died age 75.John was an integral part of the new 5 piece line up adding depth and quality to their sound, rather than pure guitar .John played with The Kinks until 1978, embellishing such hits as "Lola", (which he contributed to as an audition) and "Celluloid Heroes". He keyboard contribution was an important part of the bands eventuall success in the USA

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Johnnie Rays Other Side!

Johnnie Ray! It's a long time since I joined the Johnnie Ray Fan Club. I was in primary school in Sydney, and my family went to see Johnnie at the Sydney Stadium. what a night, an exciting performer who actually jumped into the lap of a girl fan in the front row. I loved it, and was a big influence on my interest in music. So, it came as a surprise to find out recently about Johnnies sexual issues. Apparently, he was quite bi-sexual, and was arrested a couple of times for soliciting men for sex.

So, does this alter my opinion of Johnnie?No, I still remember him as one of the best performers I have seen, and still admire his contribution to music.

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Fifty Years Since The Rolling Stones First Record!

Yes! Believe it! it is actually 50 years since The Stones first record "Come On", a cover of the Chuck Berry song was released. It came out on June 7th 1963, and despite the band never playing it live, and little promotion from Decca, the faithful record buying fans got it to No. 21 on the UK charts.So, with a charting single, the band was now in demand to play outside London, starting with a booking at the Outlook Club in Middlesbrough on 13 July. Here they worked with the Hollies, then later in 1963, Oldham arranged a Stones UK concert tour as a supporting act for American stars, including Bo Diddley, Little Richard, and the Everly Brothers. The tour gave the band the opportunity to work on their stage presentation, preparing them for tours to come.

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