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Paul McCartney at Adelaide's Apollo Stadium, on the Wings Tour.Paul McCartney, with Joe English on the drums, opening with "Venus and Mars" Adelaide, November 5th 1975

Paul McCartney, from The Beatles, to Solo, to Wings and back.

As a confirmed, addicted Beatles fan, having bought every Beatles single, album and EP’s (remember EP’s), I was of course disappointed at their demise. So when Paul McCartney got himself together again and brought out “McCartney” I guess my reaction was similar to many others out there. “What’s the point? How can he EVER beat his previous work?

Paul and Linda 1976, on tour again.Paul plays acoustic guitar as Linda looks on, 1976.

So it wasn’t until I heard “Band On The Run” played over the P.A. at a concert at Memorial Drive here in Adelaide that I thought “Hey!.....this is not to bad!”

So, I decided to give Paul McCartney a fair go. At the time, Paul was not popular, and most experts here knocked his work.

And, when John bought out albums, they were always regarded as “better that anything McCartney has done”

My Paul McCartney Favorites!


The McCartney Album

This if course was Paul McCartney's first solo effort, causing some friction with the other Beatles, as it came out just before "Let It Be" Still being in morning for the Fab Four, I ignored it for quite a while, as it meant that this really was the end of The Beatles. However, it is a really nice album. And it has "Maybe I'm Amazed" on it, written about Linda and getting out of the Beatles. A classic song, arguably his best ever, became a staple song in Paul's live performances.

The album also features "The Lovely Linda", "Every Night", (magic guitar riffs) and "Man We Was Lonely"


"Band On The Run"

The album that finally got me, )and many many others) into Paul's career. One of the all time classic albums with Paul, Denny, and Linda , it has stood the test of time and sounds as good today as it did on release. Opening with "Band On the Run", and then into "Jet" there is also "Let Me Roll It" "“Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)” , and "Mrs. Vanderbuilt". Essential album!


The "Ram" Album.

Coming out in 1970, the follow up to his first album, this record has grown in status since the original release. I took again, a long while to get into it. I mean, a sheep on the cover? full of very personal songs, digs at John and the Beatles, it also had the it record, "Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey "  on it.  Also "To Many People", "Ram" and my fave "The Back Seat of My Car"


"Tug of War"

Made with producer George Martin, I was right into Paul by now. I grabbed this album as soon as I could, and it still gets a regular spin on the turntable.

Coming out in 1982, "Tug of War" received an unusually response from most critics, saying things like.."..its the album we all knew Paul was capable of making". It made No. 1 on the UK and US charts, No 2 here in Australia. The single "Ebony and Ivory", the duet with Stevie Wonder also got to number one in many countries. Also on the album is "Tug of War", "Take It Away", "The Pound is Shrinking" "Ballroom Dancing" the duet with Carl Perkins and "Somebody Who Cares".


"Flowers In The Dirt"

By the time "Flowers In The Dirt" came out I was not keeping up with the latest releases, McCartney's or anybody else's. So it wasn't till I read somewhere that "Georges Brainwashed album was the best solo record by a Beatle since Paul's Flowers In The Dirt". So I thought I better take notice!   Featuring a stunning line up of backing musicians including Dave Gilmour on Guitar, and Nicky Hopkins keyboard, this album  won a Grammy Award in the States and a Brit Award in England. Among the 12 tracks are the single "My Brave Face", plus "Figure of Eight", and "You Want Her To", sung with Elvis Costello. This album was well received, and made No. 1 in the UK, and 13 in the US.



Run Devil Run

Ah, the "Rock and Roll" album! I heard of this album when I saw Paul on the Michael Parkinson show when he did "Honey Hush". In the band was Dave Gilmour and Ian Paice, so you can imagine how good it was. One of my all time favorites, it even got a good reception from critics, Rolling Stone saying "

" It’s a testament to the quality of McCartney’s three original songs — the title track, “Try Not to Cry” and “What It Is” — that they don’t sound out of place with these short but sweet chestnuts."

Tracks include two Elvis classics "All Shook Up" and "I Got Stung", plus "Lonesome Town" , 15 tracks in all.


McCartney 11

Originally, McCartney II was released in mid-May 1980, his second album The album debuted in UK at number one on the UK Albums Chart, becoming McCartney's first number-one there since Venus and Mars in 1975. The second single from the album, "Waterfalls", peaked at number nine in the singles chart.

In the US, initial sales were strong thanks to the hit single "Coming Up" and the album reached number three in its second week on the Billboard album chart where it remained for five weeks."Waterfalls" went virtually unnoticed in the US, only "bubbling under" the Billboard Hot 100 at number 106 for one week. The album quickly dropped down the charts and was off the Billboard chart after 19 weeks, McCartney's shortest run since Wild Life. It was one of his lowest-selling albums in the US up to that

But now Paul McCartney is also back on the Rock Streaming Songs chart, but it hasn’t been very long since he last appeared on the tally. This time around, his holiday smash “Wonderful Christmastime” reappears at No. 14. It has yet to top the ranking but came very close, once peaking at No. 2.

"Wonderful Christmastime" was added as a bonus track on the 1993 CD, and Special Edition reissue of “McCartney II “a longer, unedited version was also included on the Deluxe Edition.

Side one

1"Coming Up"

2"Temporary Secretary"

3"On the Way"


5"Nobody Knows"

Side two

1 "Front Parlour"

2 "Summer's Day Song"

3 "Frozen Jap"

4."Bogey Music"

5 "Darkroom"

6."One of These Days"


Paul McCartney "McCartney 1","McCartney 11",and "McCartney 111"  Box Set.

Here are Paul's eponymous albums, all of which were written, performed and produced by Paul. McCartney 1 is from 1970, 2 from 1980 and the last from 2020.

McCartney 1 released as the Beatles folded featured the classics "Every Night", and "Maybe I'm Amazed" still one of his all time great songs.

McCartney 11, coming out after the demise of Wings, reached No. 1 in the U.K. and No. 3 in the US. "Waterfalls", "Coming Up" and "Bogey Music" are among the classic avant- garde album.

Then, to cap it all off, McCartney 11 comes out in December 2020. OK, on some tracks Paul's voice is not what it used to be, but its back to basics, and after a couple of listens, I think contains some of his best work. It went ell, reaching No. 1 in both the UK and USA. I liked "Find My way" and the interesting  "Kiss of Venus"


Paul McCartney "The Lyrics" Book

Tracing Paul's songwriting from 1956, through his early days, The Beatles era to his solo career and with Wings. an essential collection of the story behind the songs.

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Paul McCartney on the Parkinson Show.

Paul McCartney does "Honey Hush" December 3 1999. The Michael Parkinson Show