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Marty Wilde, one of the original British Rockers, Who's Still Going Strong!

Marty Wilde, whose real name is Reginald Leonard Smith, the highly regarded renowned British pop singer and songwriter, celebrated during the pre-Beatlemania era, or the vinyl era. Born in 1939, Marty was instrumental in shaping the landscape of the UK music scene during the late '50s and early '60s.

His musical journey started with the formation of 'The Hound Dogs,' his skiffle group, when he was just 17 years old. However, this venture was short-lived. Wilde was soon discovered by renowned talent spotter Larry Parnes at a Soho nightclub and his career skyrocketed from that point on.

1958 marked the breakthrough year for Marty Wilde. His debut single, "Endless Sleep," broke into the UK Top 10 hit list, establishing him as a sensational up-and-coming artist. This paved the way for the series of "Marty Wilde Hits."

Success never seemed far for Wilde. From there, he released several chartbusters including "Donna," "A Teenager in Love," and "Sea of Love." These singles cemented his spot in the UK's top music echelons and in the hearts of many British teenagers.

Marty's knack for creating contagious melodies and memorable lyrics along with his undeniable charisma and strong stage presence, immediately set him strikingly apart from the others in the overcrowded UK music scene of that time.

Marty Wilde's influence extended beyond his music. Up through the early 1960s, his contribution to the 'Vinyl Era' was significant. Wilde not only emerged as a teen idol, but also as a cultural icon who encompassed the raw and powerful sense of emerging rock ‘n’ roll.

His contribution to the music industry is not limited to his own discography. Marty Wilde, throughout his career, has also penned down numerous hits for other artists. He has received the much coveted Ivor Novello Award for his innovative songwriting.


Marty Wilde's career is marked by not only his chart-topping hits, but also by the successful "Marty Wilde Records", sometimes setting the sales register ringing. One of his most successful records was the cover for Dion’s "A Teenager in Love," adored by fans internationally.

Wilde's work did not go unnoticed. His exceptional influence and contributions earned him an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 2017, a prestigious honor that further heightened his already heartfelt respect in the music industry.

His influence on the pre-Beatles UK music was significant. Marty was among the first wave of British pop stars to replicate American rock ‘n’ roll, carving out his own different style and approach in the process.

Marty’s dynamic flare spread into film and television as well. He made appearances in various films like "The Hellions," "What a Crazy World," and "Pop Gear," further reinforcing his presence in the entertainment industry.


Wilde also took the stage in musical theatre, performing in "Bye Bye Birdie," a showcase of his versatility and commitment to entertain. He was not just a singer, but an all-around performer.

His career carried on through the 60s, 70s, and beyond. His album "Diversions," released in the 70s, proved his adaptability to the changing musical landscape. Wilde’s music evolved with the times, always relevant and catchy.

Remarkably, Wilde's career continues to this day. Marty remains intrinsically involved in the music world, releasing an acclaimed album called " Running Together" in 2020, which showcased his perennial songwriting skills and his distinctive vocal timbre. This album, written and recorded with his children Kim and Roxanne, adding contributing their vocal talent. And son Ricky had additional imput.

Over the many years, his life and career have exhibited undeniable proof of his talent and influence. Marty Wilde's impact on the music landscape of the UK, his dynamic versatility, all contribute to his enduring stardom.

An informal run down on Marty Wilde's life can't be completed without speaking of his incredible family legacy. His children, Kim Wilde and Ricky Wilde, have followed in his musical footsteps, continuing the 'Wilde' journey passionately and powerfully.

Marty Wilde's contribution to the initial rise of British rock 'n' roll is undeniable. He dominated the pre-Beatlemania era, setting massive precedents for future generations of musicians and leaving an indelible mark on the British music scene.

With a career spanning over six decades, Marty Wilde remains an intriguing icon - intertwining commercial success with artistic quality, striking chords in the hearts of the audiences and raising the bar in music. His timeless contribution lends a sparkling golden hue to the history of British

 Marty’s chart success has spanned almost the entire duration of the charts themselves. The first-ever singles chart was published in November 1952 and the first Albums Chart came along in 1956, and Marty’s impressive career spans most of the charts’ lifetime – from the birth of rock n roll in the 1950s and his debut chart entry, Endless Sleep (July 1958), right through to the present day. Some of Marty’s most well-known solo hits include “Teenager In Love“ (# 2 in 1959), “Sea Of Love“ (# 3 in 1959), and “Rubber Ball” (#9 in 1961). View Marty Wilde’s hit singles and albums on the Official Charts here. The veteran entertainer has also experienced much success as a hitmaker, he co-wrote daughter Kim’s breakthrough hit “Kids In America“ with son Ricky, which charted at # 2 in 1981. And it seems that Marty shows no signs of stopping yet – Martin Talbot, chief executive, Official Charts Company said: “Congratulations to Marty Wilde, who confirms himself as one of the UK’s all-time greats with this very special achievement. It is quite something to be a hitmaker in any decade, so to do so across eight separate decades is quite remarkable.” Speaking on his impressive chart success, Marty Wilde said: “What an honour to make the eight-decade mark, and what a journey it’s been since those first-ever charts way back in the ‘50s. I was inspired from the moment I heard Elvis Presley’s voice, and a year after he hit No1 in the UK charts, I found my debut chart single Endless Sleep had shot to No4. “Now to receive this accolade as I release my new album Running Together, which I’ve recorded with my daughters Kim and Roxanne Wilde – I’m the happiest and luckiest man alive. “Gennaro Castaldo, speaking on behalf of National Album Day and the BPI, comments: “This is a uniquely remarkable achievement by Marty Wilde that is hard to see ever happening again, and which further underlines his legendary status as one of Britain’s great pop icons.”

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