Lulu, the Eurovision Contest Winner and TV and Radio Host

Born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, she began singing with bands in her native Glasgow, Scotland, when she was barely in her teens. By the age of 15, with her band The Gen Eagles, she had signed with Decca records. She scored her first hit, in May 1964 with a cover of the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” reaching No. 7 in the U.K. (and hit the Top 10 again when it was reissued in 1986).

Although still a teen, her voice was that of an experienced, heavy drinking blues shouter.

Then, “Leave A Little Love” was No. 8 the following year. The subsequent releases, (August '64) "Cant hear You No More", "Here Comes The Night" and "Satisfied " made no impression. Then, in 1966, Lulu and the Luvvers parted ways, Lulu developed an unremarkable but very successful middle of the road entertainer.

She appeared in the film "To Sir With Love" which led her to more success. She had four more top 10 hits between1966 and 1969, “Boom Bang-A-Bang” got to No.2 in 1969, and “The Boat That I Row” reached No. 6 in 1966.

Lulu Enters Eurovision!

On 29 March 1969, she represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest, performing "Boom Bang-a-Bang”, (written by Peter Warne and Alan Moorhouse). It was chosen from a selection of six by viewers of her BBC 1 variety series Happening for Lulu, and on a special show hosted by Michael Aspel

"Boom Bang-a-Bang" won, though three other songs, from Spain, ("Vivo cantando" by Salomé), the Netherlands, ("De troubadour" by Lenny Kuhr) and France, ("Un jour, un enfant" by Frida Boccara) tied with her on 18 votes each. The rules were subsequently altered to prevent such ties in future years, but the result caused Austria, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Finland not to enter the 1970 contest. Boom Band-a-Bang came out the best in sales, with German, French, Spanish and Italian versions alongside the original English. Later she told John Peel; "I know it's a rotten song, but I won, so who cares? I'd have sung "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" standing on my head if that's what it took to win.... I am just so glad I didn't finish second like all the other Brits before me, that would have been awful." Despite her dislike it is her second biggest UK hit to date, reaching number 2 on the chart in 1969.


Lulu enjoyed a TV career in the 70’s, her only chart entry being David Bowies “The Man Who Sold the World” which got to No. 1974.

Her only big hit in America was the theme for the film To Sir with Love, in which she also appeared. The song topped the U.S. charts, but in England was ironically relegated to the B-side of the single “Let’s Pretend,” which peaked at No. 11. She also enjoyed hits in Europe with the non-English versions of her songs. In 1966, Lulu became one of the few British female singers to perform behind the Iron Curtain, when she toured Poland with the Hollies. She also did some DJ work with Capitol Radio.

Lulu was married to Bee gee Maurice Gibb 1969 to 1973.  She made the album "Don't Take Love for Granted" in 1979, which was not a success.

"Shout" again made the charts in 1986.

Lulu on Vinyl


"The Very Best of Lulu."..

Coming out in 1980, this album has 20 of Lulu's best songs. Probably with some you have not heard of.

Side 1

1                            Shout

2                            The Boat That I Row

3                            Leave A Little Love

4                            Try To Understand

5                            Let's Pretend

6                            Take Your Mama For A Ride

7                            I Won't Last A Day Without You

8                            Boy

9                            Me The Peaceful Heart

10                          Boom Bang A Bang

Side 2

1                         I'm A Tiger

2                         Love Loves To Love Love

3                         To Sir With Love

4                         Here Comes The Night

5                         Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

6                         The Best Of Both Worlds

7                         C. C. Rider

8                         Oh Me Oh My

9                         You Send Me

10                       The Man Who Sold The World

The Very Best of Lulu on Vinyl Here

The "Lulu" Album


The "Lulu" Album.

Released on Alfa Records in 1981, "Lulu" includes the hit single "I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)", Lulu’s second highest-charting single in the US, reaching the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1981.

The track "Who's Foolin' Who," a cover of a 1976 Bobby Bland song, earned Lulu a nomination for Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. loosing to Pat Benatar's "Fire and Ice"


1."I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)"

2."The Last Time" (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)

3."If I Were You" (Jerry Fuller, John Hobbs

4."Loving You”.

5."Can't Hold Out on Love”.

Side 2

1."You Win, I Lose”.

2."Don't Take Love for Granted”.

3."Who's Foolin' Who”.

4."You Are Still a Part of Me”.

5."If You're Right”.

Get the Lulu Album Here

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To Sir With Love, from 1967

Lulu Live on the Ray Stevens Show, 1970